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PlanNed route

The trip starts in Aug 3 2016 in Lisbon, where I start to ride towards Boom Festival in Idanha-a-Nova. After 8 days of partying, I will cross Spain towards the coast, passing through Madrid. From Valencia, I’ll ride the whole Mediterranean coast all the way to Naples in Italy. I will then ride to Bari to get a boat to cross the Adriatic Sea, reaching Croatia and riding through the Balkans towards Greece and Turkey. From Istanbul, I’ll ride towards Cappadocia and then south to get a boat to Cyprus, where I’ll get another boat to reach Israel. The plan is to be in Bethlehem for Christmas. Then I’ll cross to Jordan and go south towards Egypt, where I’ll ride around the Sinai Peninsula. From Cairo, I’ll get a flight to Tehran in Iran, where I’ll spend the whole month of February riding north to south. When I reach the Persian Gulf, I’ll take a ferry to Dubai, where I’ll organize my Indian visa and fly to Amritsar. I will ride the foot of the Himalayas in spring and reach Kathmandu in Nepal in early May 2017. Then I will organize my Chinese visa and Tibetan permits to ride towards the Mt. Everest base camp and Lhasa, where I take a train to cross the desert and reach Lanzhou in central China. From there, I’ll ride towards Xian and then Beijing, where I take a flight to Seattle in US to start riding the Oregon coast and see the total solar eclipse, which will occur in Aug 21, 2017. Then I will have one week to ride towards Burning Man festival, where I will celebrate the end of the trip (or perhaps a new beginning?)

actual Route

For more detailed ride data, follow me on STRAVA =] 

the bike


the gear

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