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Boom Festival - The Opening Cerimony

Boom Festival is the mecca of psychedelic music and culture and a milestone to this journey. Although Australia’s distance made my Boom return slightly challenging, 10 years on I found myself reunited and it was awesome to return.

It started like this; back in January 2015 I woke up from a dream, the kind of dream that stays with you and leaves you with a thirst to fulfil that moment and place in real time. I had a vision where I saw myself leaving the Boom festival, my bike fully loaded with a feeling of knowingness, that what I was about to embark on was big, just me on my bike and the sense that nothing would be the same again. Since then, I have been conceptualising and planning the Bike Sutras project and felt such a strong connection to Boom 2016, where I’ve just had an amazing opening ceremony!

So what could I say about it?! WOW, what a magical week I had!!! Away from the daily patterns of “normal living”, I was living my dream in all the perfection, connection and togetherness to the max. It seemed as if that feeling was all that mattered. Now I find myself carrying all these good vibes in my new life, wiser and never the same as before (Anitya!). I am a free man on the road again, riding my bike, living the dream, meeting people, sharing experiences, love and growing in spirit!

In comparison to Boom 2006, some things got better and others worse. All in all though, it’s still a badass festival, one heck of a party with so many beautiful people! Of course in 2006 the festival was much smaller and less commercial than it is now, but I’ve met just as many radiant souls, if not more and that is really what matters the most. I had certainly grown after experiencing many great festivals in Australia, which contributed to the art of balancing 12-hour dance sessions with chilled out self-nurturing sessions by the lake =]

Naturally I met many people, however there were a few in particular that I connected with on a deeper level. In particularly my lovely neighbours from UK; Ed, Alice, Ella, Molly, Mad, Max and Olly – I LOVE YOU! and on an even more karmic level, Jonas (the German Cyclist I’ve met going to Boom) who I’ve developed a brotherhood with. We are now Brothers in Chain and had a great time reconnecting a few weeks later in Barcelona #peaceandbici

There are too many feelings and experiences that words can’t quite capture. But I will remember every sunrise, sunset, smile, hug, laugh, kiss, touch and chat with new friends sharing a common mission and effort, to ‘be’ in Boomland. Oh and of course every psychedelic session at the dance temple! Overall, I'm a better person after Boom. I’ll carry the magic and love from this incredible festival and spread it to all the places I go.

We are Boomers forever, we are brothers and sisters. We are one!

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